By Marc Vera
Updated October 22, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

The following conversation took place last night between 8:30pm and 8:50pm. I am committing it to PopWatch because, now that Viva Laughlin has been cancelled (yep, already!) I fear that in a week or two, I’ll think the whole experience was part of a very strange dream.

Marc: I want you to see something! We have to watch this show!
Jeff: What? Las Vegas got moved to Sundays?
M: Just watch. [Checks DVR guide to make sure channel is tuned to Viva Laughlin.]
J: Why is this episode called “What a Whale Wants”?
M: I don’t know. Because it’s going to suck?
J: They’re trying to lure a chubby chaser to their casino? Why are we watching this?
M: Just give it a minute.
J: This is Las Vegas, right?
M: No, Las Vegas is on NBC; this is CBS.
J: But that guy looks just like that Josh Duhamel dude (pictured, left) from Las Vegas!
M: Nope, it’s Eric Winter (pictured, right). And this isn’t Las Vegas.

[Show cuts to commercial break, and there still hasn’t been any singing. I’m not pleased.]

J: I still don’t believe you; this has to be Las Vegas. Takes place in a casino, the characters all look the same. It has the same cheesy background music.
M: Do you not want to watch this?
J: Not really.
M: Fine, we’ll watch something else. I’m pissed we didn’t get to see any singing.
J: There’s singing?
M: Oh there’s singing all right. And there’s Melanie Griffith. But too late now, I’m changing the channel.
J: We gonna watch Las Vegas on the DVR?
M: I stopped recording that after Lara Flynn Boyle got blown off the Montecito by a gust of wind.
J: Fair enough. So what are we watching?
M: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
J: You really do hate me!