By Shirley Halperin
Updated October 22, 2007 at 05:00 PM EDT

Perhaps some of you PopWatchers caught Whitney Houston’s triumphant return to the world stage at London’s Fashion Rocks spectacular? She made the surprise appearance on Thursday (the same day CMT announced a new reality show with the former Mr. Houston, Bobby Brown, who’ll try his hand at “Goin’ Country!”) while introducing Brit girl-group sensation the Sugababes, and looking oh-so-fabulous — glowing, happy and smashingly put together in a white Valentino gown. And she sounded great, too. Not her singing voice, per se, since Whitney didn’t perform, but her reading voice.

In fact, it was that TelePrompTer script that, well, prompted me to think of Vanessa Williams. One thing I love about her Ugly Betty character is that indiscernible accent — half-way between old school acting coach and early 20th century Anglo-Saxon Manhattan (neither of which make much sense). Nor does R&B queen-turned-recovering addict, but Whitney’s rehabbed drawl had an eerily similar cadence. Which made me think: Wouldn’t Whitney be great to play Wilhelmina’s, or rather Wanda’s, long lost sister? The one got snubbed at the door of Studio 54? Maybe started her own fashion line, under a guy’s name, that grew into a multi-million dollar business? See where I’m going here? Talk about a comeback.