Carrie Underwood's humble beginnings -- We look at the singer's journey from farm girl to American Idol to Grammy winner

By Dave Karger
Updated October 19, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Oklahoma days 1989
”I’m a lot like my dad,” says Underwood. ”If anybody knows my dad, they’d know what I was talking about.”
‘Idol’ Audition 2004
”It was like everyone that year had auditioned in black and white; she was the only one who came in full color,” Simon Cowell recalls.
CMT Awards 2006
Wynonna Judd says she didn?t mean to imply the young singer is ”vanilla.” Underwood’s take: ”Sometimes you don’t realize what you say until it’s too late.”
”Cheats” Video 2006
In CMT’s Video of the Year, ”Before He Cheats,” she unpimps an unfaithful beau’s ride (to say the least): ”I love becoming a different character for songs.”
Faith’s outburst 2006
Hill’s hammy reaction to Underwood’s Female Vocalist of the Year win at the CMA Awards has been viewed on YouTube over 6 million times.
Grammy night 2007
”To walk by my trophy case, it’s like, wow,” she says of the prizes, which share space with ”my roommate’s eighth-grade basketball thing.”