Verging on three years ago I made up (or, uh, I thought I made up) a magic word for use during stressful times at work. (Bear with me, readers: I’m not gonna complain too much, because yeah, I do realize that working at is crazy-awesome — especially when it involves leading discussions about, say, the Ultimate Hottie-ness of Clive Owen.) Anyway, back to the word, five little letters that on any given day somehow sum up my feelings of annoyance, exhaustion, shame (usually after I’ve eaten a sloppy and/or saturated-fat-packed lunch), inability to concentrate, and lust for the weekend:


As Slezak is my witness, I have been uttering/IM’ing this word to him for-freakin’-ever. (For the record, his equivalent? “Mrrrrrr.”) So last TV season, I’m eating dinner and watching 30 Rock on DVR, and I hear “blurg” — my word! — come out of Liz Lemon’s mouth, with the same inflection and connotation! I thought maybe it was a one-time thing, but then, on last week’s episode, the camera lingered on a junky pile of boxed-up furniture from an Ikea-like store that Liz had been too lazy to put together. And what did the label say?


Okay, so they’re spelling it differently (the umlaut is a nice touch, I must admit)… but still! I’m really freaked out! (Also: dreaming about the alternate reality in which I copyrighted the word and receive a writer’s credit/fat check.) I say all this to ask, has something like this ever happened to you? Has a TV show/movie ever gotten into your head in a really creepy, specific way?