By Wook Kim
Updated October 17, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

I will gladly share these three things about senior editor — and freshly-minted PopWatch contributor — Marc Bernardin.

1) He totally kicks my heinie at Halo 2. (We have yet to face off in Halo 3; lucky for me, this won’t happen any time soon.)

2) He puts candy on his desk to drive foot traffic into his office. (Shameless, I know. And he’s always out of those little Snickers.)

3) He’s a darn terrific comic book writer.

Yup, a comic book writer. Or more specifically, an I’ve-got-two-titles-in-stores-right-now-buster comic book writer. And it just so happens that the fifth and final installment of one of those titles, The Highwaymen, goes on sale today.

The series — published by DC/Wildstorm, cowritten by Adam Freeman and Marc, and drawn by Lee Garbett — tells the story of two aging “couriers” (more CIA than UPS) brought out of retirement for one last mission. It’s an absolute gas. You get everything you want in a modern action tale: Likable heroes. Cars. Guns. Explosions. Great dialogue. Exquisitely timed quips. A pretty girl in danger. And a taped message from a now-dead President Clinton.

Okay, I like the books. (I mean, I kinda have to: those Snickers, you know.) But lotsa people whose opinion should mean something have also said some nice things — you can read some of them here, here, and here.

So, um, yeah — do yourself a solid and check this book out. And this one, too. This will make Marc happy. And a happy Marc is less inclined to take off my head with a beam rifle in Halo 3.