By Joshua Rich
Updated October 17, 2007 at 11:49 PM EDT

The report from last week’s edition of’s famed fall Box Office Challenge is another one marked by confusion and most folks’ failure to come anywhere close to picking the weekend winner correctly. (Yes, I was among them, mea culpa.) While just about everybody thought that We Own the Night or Michael Clayton were headed to the top, a mere 16 percent of players accurately predicted that Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married would finish No. 1, and only 40 percent even saw the film cracking the top three.

One dude who did was Eric T. from Manistee, Mich. (a.k.a. “TheBigE,” pictured, the handsome devil, let’s hope he’s not an MSU fan), who tied fellow soothsayer “MHilson” for first place after playing a nearly perfect game. Yowza! The Big E took a brief break from his victory lap around the local Meijer to breathlessly report that, “I picked Tyler Perry’s movie to win because there are too many R-rated films out thereright now competing for the same audience, and Perry offered a PG-13alternative.” Simple as that, huh? Well, let’s see how The Pride of Manistee fares next weekend, when something like 42 movies are opening in 1,000 theaters each. (No, seriously, almost.)

Anyway, think you can beat The Big E — or The Big Me — in the prediction game? Just log onto’s Box Office Challenge before Friday evening to give it a shot.

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