By Nicole Sperling
October 16, 2007 at 11:52 PM EDT

Contrary to the Internet posts that were swirling through the blogosphere last week, Xavier Gens, the French director on Fox’s movie adaptation of the video game Hitman, is still topping the project. The rumors suggested that Fox was wary of the film’s hard R rating and brought in Live Free or Die Hard editor Nicolas de Toth to tone down the violence in the edit bay. Hollywood Insider talked directly to Gens who confirmed that he’s still in the editing room. Gens added, “Nick de Toth is helping us finish the movie because of the tight schedule. I made the movie I want. All what you can read in the press is wrong.” Fox confirmed that Gens is still on the project and says it is not shying away from the violence in the film. (Check out the trailer.) The film bows Nov. 21.