By Joshua Rich
October 15, 2007 at 08:16 PM EDT

A big Monday shout-out to my main man with a license to kill, Sir Roger Moore, who turned 80 — 80!! — yesterday and finally got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week. Good on ya, James… I mean, Rog! (And, yes, PopWatchers, that’s right: Dude got frickin’ knighted by the Queen of England before he was bestowed the high honor of seeing a slab of concrete on one of the crappiest streets in L.A. embossed with his name. Oh, and, also, yes: He is older than Sir Sean Connery, go figure.)

Anyway, time’s right to re-raise that age-old question to which, in my opinion, “Roger Moore” is the only correct answer: Who’s the best James Bond? I think we children of the ’70s and ’80s have allowed those older folks/Connery groupies to own this debate for too long. First of all, just because SeanCon was the first, doesn’t mean he was the best. Honestly, I’ve had this conversation many times over the years, and all I’ve ever really heard from Connery fans is a lot of whining that the guy left the 007 franchise. Well, boo hoo. That still doesn’t change the fact that The Spy Who Love Me (pictured) is a trillion times better than Diamonds Are Forever, suckas. Second, the Scotsman may have an Oscar, but he doesn’t have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the loser.

addCredit(“The Spy Who Loved Me: Everett Collection”)

And third, there’s the argument that Moore’s smiling spy is toodifferent from the James Bond of Ian Fleming’s novels, which would be alegitimate point if (a) Connery were remotely close to the dour brute of the books, and (b) any of the Bond movieseven slightly resembled the original stories. (Seriously, go back andread them, they’re incredibly different.) As for the other guys, well,Lazenby, Dalton, and all the fellas who’ve pretended to be 007 inspoofs and TV movies simply don’t count. Daniel Craig is a lovely chapwho did an awesome job in Casino Royale, but it’s still tooearly to make a ruling on him. And while I’m a big fan of PierceBrosnan (and not just because he and I are homeys from our day kicking back with some brewskis on the beach), the four sub-par flicks he starred in ruin his cause.

No, Moore is the guy. He clearly had the most fun with the role, hismovies are the most amusing to watch, he carried the Walther PPK longerthan anybody, and he’s exhibited the best sense of humor about his workas James Bond in the years since he left the gig.

Okay, folks, have at it — live and let the debate begin!