By Michael Slezak
Updated October 15, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

>I know, Iknow. When it comes to Fergie, I’m totally like your crazy aunt who keeps insistingyou try that Master Cleanse Diet where all you eat for a week is maple syrup,lemon juice and cayenne pepper (and then presumably punch someone in the face).You just want me to shut up already.

And I will.Right after I implore you to watch Fergie’s new video for “Clumsy,”the fifth single off her stellar CD, The Dutchess. Not only is the song a littleslice of retro-pop heaven, but the accompanying clip is a must-see. Yeah, there’ssome jar(*MAC*)ring product placement, and perhaps a brief rip-off ofhomage to Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City runway spill, but the pop-up book conceptis both inventive and amusing — and even manages to have fun with thebouncy-car video cliché. Plus, you’ve got to give the woman credit for spendingher time and money on a clip from a disc that got released back in September’06. You know most artists in her position would be content to add some cheapdigital effects to their old concert footage, then go get a massage orsomething. (And yeah, I kinda just called out Madge and Justin. Oh, snap!)

So whaddayasay, folks? Is “Clumsy” kinda awesome, or are you going to continueyour futile effort to resist the Fergie-Ferg love? Discuss!