By Annie Barrett
Updated August 04, 2020 at 07:29 AM EDT

It seems the Best Week Ever blog editors are the ones watching The View so we don’t have to. This morning, the motliest crew around discussed profanity in the workplace. Here’s a clip of the ladies trying to out-”f—” each other on national TV:

I like how Joy Behar thinks it’s okay to drop the f-bomb in the office if unexpected things occur like “you bang your hand.” It’s true, “f—” is a lot of people’s default outburst for that type of s—. Sometimes I say it when I haven’t uttered anything in a few hours, just to sound disgruntled and possibly busy. Which is way inapprope, I know. I will argue strongly, however, for deliberate office cursing when it’s in the interest of making a work-related point (“I f—ing hate Private Practice.”) And some workplaces almost require profanity. Like, at our news meetings, it’s not like I can sit there and say “D hyphen hyphen hyphen in a box” and be taken seriously. And I need to be taken seriously at all times.

F—, now I’m interested in the level of raunch at your offices. Rank your office’s curse quotient on a scale of 1 (“Hello.”) to 100 (“What’s for f—ing lunch?”), below. And do you have a f—ing problem with it or what?

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