By Melissa Rose Bernardo
Updated October 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

When I first heard that MTV was going to broadcast Broadway’s Legally Blonde: The Musical (this Saturday at 1 p.m.), I thought, Omigod! — to quote the opening song — why would a show do that? Why would the producers take the thing they’re trying to charge $125 for and give it away on TV for free? And then I thought, Omigod, why haven’t other shows done this?

Anyone who’s already seen the show (starring Orfeh and Laura Bell Bundy, pictured) and liked it will watch the MTV version (you can see a few clips here), which includes a red- (or pink-) carpet celebration hosted by the Hills girls. (Apparently this is a big deal. Personally, I couldn’t pick Lauren out of a lineup. Oh, that sound you just heard was half of the EW staff collectively fainting.) Anyone who watches on MTV and doesn’t like it — well, no big deal. It’s not like they shelled out $125 for it. They’re not likely to be too bitter. And those who watched and liked it will be itching to see it again — live. They’ll be bugging their moms to buy tickets. They’ll be buying the cast recording. The stuffed Bruiser puppies. The yoga pants with “omigod” emblazoned across the butt. (Those are actually pretty cute, come to think of it.)

MTV, by the way? Perfect match for LB. The show’s target audience is 12- to 21-year-old girls. This is no dumb Blonde.Moreover, it’s making Broadway more accessible, which I have toapplaud. Not everyone can afford to shell out upwards of 100 bucks apop every time they want to get a little culture. And not everyonelives in a city with access to Broadway shows, touring companies,professional theater, or community theater.

So I wonder… will other shows hop on the TV bandwagon? The upcoming Little Mermaid could do its own Disney Channel broadcast. Spring Awakening seems like another one that’s tailor-made for MTV. (The show already has its own video!) I know I’ll be watching Blondeon MTV tomorrow — well, DVRing, since it conflicts with theMichigan-Purdue game (college football fans: also not the show’s targetaudience); what about you, PopWatchers? And what Broadway show do youwant to see on TV?