By Amy Ryan
October 12, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

It’s hard work here at the salt mines, sitting around all day cogitating on such weighty matters as who the sexiest entertainers of all time are. Our labors have resulted in the six galleries you’ve seen over the last three weeks, tracing the hottest male and female performers of the last several decades; the final one, featuring vintage hot male stars from the 1960s and earlier, went up today. The hardest part of our task, of course, was deciding who didn’t quite make the cut. No doubt many of you share the outrage and disappointment of many staffers (and my inner 13-year-old boy) that we couldn’t find room for Lynda Carter. Or Leonardo DiCaprio — he’s not my cup of saltwater, but the guy did sell a billion dollars worth of movie tickets to smitten teen girls, so I don’t think he deserved to be tossed overboard.

Here’s where you get to tell us how we messed up. Check out our hotties galleries and tell us which hottie performers we should have included. Please defend your choice with a sentence describing that guy or gal’s ultimate hottie moment — the onscreen scene or stage appearance that cement’s the performer’s place in the hottie hall of fame. We’ll take your best blurbs and pit your wild card picks against our own historical hotties for an ultimate hottie showdown. It won’t be pretty. Actually, it will.

addCredit(“Leonardo DiCaprio, Lynda Carter: Kobal Collection”)