By Gretchen Hansen
October 11, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

I don’t think I look like any particular celebrity. With new hair products, a personal shopper, and some minor facial reconstruction, I might look like a star, but as it stands, I’m about as glamorous and fascinating as a No. 2 pencil. At least, that was how I felt, until this morning, when I stumbled upon this page from the family-network site. Upload your picture, and MyHeritage will provide a list of celebrities you supposedly resemble. Apparently, I look like Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst (pictured, right), and, um, Ben Stiller (left). I can’t decide if I should be flattered — or if I should start wearing a brown paper bag over my head.  If any of you PopWatchers are brave curious enough to upload your own pictures, we’d love to hear what celebs you look like.