October 10, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Anyone else notice the continuity issue in the opening scene of last night’sReaper, when Sam’s blue toothbrush momentarily turned green? Okay, maybe youwere distracted by the sight of foxy Bret Harrison in a towel — but not me.I’m obsessed with my new Oral-B Advantage (it’s like a soothing massage for thegums!), and I’m 99 percent sure Sam was using the exact same brand. And yeah, Iknow he was switching between three different brushes — dark blue, light blue,and green — in an effort to find one that wasn’t crawling with squirmingbeetles — but the editing definitely got wonky. Also, why does the guy havethree toothbrushes? Nonsense! 

Anyhow,I think my Oral (B) fixation springs primarily from the fact that Reaper‘sthird episode wasn’t nearly as sharp as its first two outings. The biggestproblem was not enough meaningful screen time for Satan (Ray Wise). Sure, itwas a hilarious jolt seeing his Emmy-night snapshot with Mariska Hargitayaccidentally mixed in with photos of murder victims, and thepleased-with-himself grin and “thumbs up” he gave Sam while takingcredit for the university’s asbestos shut-down was the night’s biggest laugh. Butotherwise, the Devil went through pretty much the same motions as episodes oneand two: Pushing Sam to step up his romantic game with dull Andi, and chastisinghis new bounty hunter for being a slacker. I’d like to see more interactionbetween Satan and the outside world, like last week, when he gleefully shoved ashopping cart into some unsuspecting sap’s vehicle. How about, say, Satan andSam going to lunch and winding up with a surly waitress? 

Similarly,while I’m okay if the show follows a “demon of the week” template, it’snot acceptable for the show’s writers want to turn it into a “rinse,lather, repeat” formula. Three weeks running, Sam has pined away for Andi,had mechanical issues with his soul-capturing vessel (a sub-par stainless-steeltoaster), gotten dressed down by Ted, received a pep talk from Satan, used hisconnection with the DA’s office for info, outfitted himself with gear from hisday job, and ultimately saved the day. (Alas, though, no trip to the DMV lastnight. Boooo!) 

Inspite of the episode’s lack of innovation, though, Reaper is not at risk oflosing its “series recording” status on my DVR. Not yet, anyhow. Butwhat did you think of the episode? Are you, like me, still not feeling theSam-Andi chemistry? And how random/amusing was the fast-food drive-thru scene,with Sock refusing to let Ben order a salad?

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