By Abby West
Updated October 10, 2007 at 09:29 PM EDT

Pony play, people!! Pony play! Could you ask for a case more ripe with comic possibilities? Well, neither could the show’s writers, because with Booth’s first line to Camille over the decomposing and footless body a young camper found in the woods (“Eyes filled with maggots and all you see is the boo boo on the forehead.”), they were off to the races. (Sorry, couldn’t help it. Ah, who am I kidding? You know there’ll be more horseplay to come. Wow.) Is it me, or was everyone making with the funny much more than usual? Mr. Ed? My friend, Flicka? Camille clucking? Booth’s obvious discomfort around the fetishist in their costumes and his refusal to stop making jokes around them? It was like a lovely gift of a show.

One of the things I appreciated the most last night was that we’ve gotten back to showcasing Bones’ abnormal behavior and how she just doesn’t get some normal human interactions. It started with that scene with Camille when Brennan cops to feeling competitive between bones and flesh and Camille just nods at her while giving her that Oh-yeah-I-forgot-how-odd-you-are look. I know some of you aren’t fans of Camille but I think that her presence is essential for providing a sort of normal perspective to the lab culture. Then there was Brennan’s forthright input with the dead guy’s wife in the interrogation room: “More likely there was a part of your husband who could never be satisfied by love alone.” To which Booth, sputtered, “That’s one of those things…” What? That you just don’t say, maybe? That’s our Brennan.

I kept getting distracted by the mild-mannered owner of thatpony-play resort. I mostly know the actor who played him, MichaelCudlitz, from one of my favorite new shows from last year Standoff,in which he was a burly man’s man-chief of an FBI tactical unit. It wasa nice twist that his wife (Annie Oakley, gotta love it) was thedeceased’s, um, rider. But once there, it wasn’t that surprising thatshe was the killer, despite the butcher red herring.

It was nice to see Zack and Hodgins get back into their groove,jumping into another bizarre experiment, this time using canteloupe.Angela’s whole hypnosis angst annoyed the hell out of me. Maybe becauseI wanted her to stay the strong, cool one of the bunch and not get allflaky and angsty. But her waspy revelation should at least give us anew character to stir things up between her and Hodgins.

The discussion of sex and love between Booth and Brennan offered asmuch insight into both of them as it did into their own highly intimaterelationship. Loved how Booth got hot and bothered when Brennan saidthat she’d indulged in role playing. Every time I think they’ve hittheir stride with the collegial sexual tension, they kick it up a notch.

So, who can trot out their favorite line of the night. Will theAngela/Hodgins storyline be a galloping success? Any further thoughtson Hodgins’ grooming this year? Did you really think I wouldn’t ridethese horse puns hard and put them away wet? Of course not.