As the youngest hero on ''Heroes,'' she's living every kid's dream: getting paid to pretend to have a super-power

By Sara Randazzo
October 10, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
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As Molly Walker on the NBC hit Heroes, 10-year-old Adair Tishler now does at work what she used to do with her friends — pretend to have a super power. Her ability to find anything or anyone, just by thinking about it, is a scatterbrain’s dream. Her eerie mind-to-mind connection with bad guy Sylar is reminiscent of another recent sci-fi/fantasy phenomenon — the bond between Harry Potter and He Who Shall Not Be Named But Since The Books Are Over We’ll Just Call Him Voldemort. As season two begins, Tishler shares what we should expect from Molly, why she loves being on the show, and what she does when she’s not saving the world.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How would you describe Molly?
ADAIR TISHLER: Molly is just a fun-loving girl. She’s raised by two men so I suspect she might grow up to be a tomboy. She’s a little paranoid because she did see her parents get killed in front of her.

What’s your power?
My power is I can find anyone or anything. I would love to have that because I lose a lot of stuff.

Why do the bad guys want your power?
Think about it: Sylar wants everybody’s power, but to have their power, he has to find them.

Where do we find you in Season Two?
Molly is living with Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg). She’s trying to find out who the boogie man is, but she’s afraid to. She knows that she’s in grave danger, but the men don’t really understand. I don’t want to look for the bad guys and the men do want me to, so they can stop them.

What’s it like being a part of Heroes?
The Heroes world is crazy and fun because the cast is clowns, literally. The two guys I work with, Sendhil and Greg; one of them has a baby and one of them has three kids, so they’re used to children. They’re crazy and they’re really nice. They’re awesome.

Are they like father figures to you?
It’s more like I’m the mother figure because they’re just kids. They just play around. The first day I got there, they were like, ”Do you like see food?” They did all those jokes. I was like, ”Aren’t you supposed to be the adults?” Me, Hayden [Panetierre] and Noah [Gray-Cabey] are the oldest people at heart. And Noah’s a big super genius. He’s in the 9th grade math, and he’s 11.

Do you have a crush on any of your good looking costars?
I think I work with the two best-looking ones. But sadly they’re already taken. I don’t really think about that yet. I mean, all my friends do. Hopefully, if I’m on the show a few more years — maybe I will.

What did you first think when you heard about the show?
Everybody wants to have a super power. My friends and I always play that we have super powers, like super strength and flying. It’s a great concept. It’s cool to see how adults would actually act if they had super powers.

What power did you always want?
I always had super-strength so I could kick people’s butts.

Is it hard not to give away Heroes spoilers?
My friends ask me constantly. I’m like, ”I can’t tell you! I’m sorry!” After the season finale actually I was in another audition. The casting director stopped me and was like, ”Does Sylar live?” I was like, ”I can’t tell you, I’m sorry.”

Were you into comic books before?
I’ve always been a comic book fan. I’m a geek about that. I was raised with The Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and all the X-Men comic books. I love Hugh Jackman.

What got you interested in acting?
[When I was young] I was a Gap baby. Then people said, ”If you really want work you’re going to have to go to California.” So we went to California. And modeling turned into commercials, commercials turned into TV shows. I guess I’ve had a knack for it.

What does your 14-year-old brother think of you being on the show?
My brother brags to all his friends: ”Yeah, my sister works with Heroes and Hayden.” Even though I don’t work with Hayden. Now he’s Mr. Cool in his class. He loves it, of course. He’s like, ”Adair, you better not ever stop this or I’ll break your arm.” He’s that kind of guy.

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