By Whitney Pastorek
Updated October 09, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Unbeknownst to my editors here at EW/PopWatch, I am going to start a new semi-regular blog posting series thing called “Advance Advancement,” so that I can write about small, easily overlooked albums that haven’t come out yet, but which you should buy when they do. Today’s inaugural entry? The Forms!

I mentioned this Brooklyn-based group last week while discussing that Stereogum tribute to R.E.M.’s Automatic for the People, because their cover of “Ignoreland” was the most eminently listenable track on the compilation. But nothing about its crunchy garage stomp prepared me for the ambient blanket of their self-titled sophomore album, out October 23: Opening with a low piano rumble, first song “Knowledge in Hand” (available on the band’s MySpace page, here) is all lush undergrowth, alternating between barking lyrics and smooth aaahs, a yummy format that continues for the next eleven tracks. I’d file the Forms squarely adjacent to Pinback and Mark Kozelek and the National, for those of you who like to know where new things sit in the context of old ones. (They’ll even be opening for the latter in Williamsburg on Thursday; sold out, but you should totally sneak in.)

Best of all, the Forms encompass all that I hope these Advance Advancement honorees will come to represent: Music that wakes me from my embattled-music-writer stupor, grabs me by the cochleas by ignoring current trends in favor of genuine sonic individuality. And sure enough, after listening my way through yesterday’s mail (which included a good-sized stack of crap, plus the new Puddle of Mudd), this was the only CD I wanted to come back to. So yay, the Forms. October 23. Check out their MySpace or watch the live performance video after the jump and report back on what you think in the comments. Also feel free to nominate your own favorite, imminent albums for inclusion in future AAs. I am nothing if not desperate for some new good music in my life. But aren’t we all?