''Moonlight'' vs. ''Moonlighting'' -- We highlight the similarities between CBS' new vampire drama and the 80's Bruce Willis series

”Moonlight” vs. ”Moonlighting”

One is a private eye who sucks blood; the other was a private eye who sucked face with Cybill Shepherd. But the heroes of the new vampire PI series Moonlight and the ’80s hit that made Bruce Willis a star have more in common than that.

Smirky Hero
Moonlight— As a neck-biting, cool-cat private eye in L.A., Alex O’Loughlin’s Mick St. John models a lustrious, backswept ‘do.
Moonlighting— As a pain-in-the-neck, cool-cat private eye in L.A., Bruce Willis’ David Addison models a spiky, backward-creeping ‘do.

Blond Costar
Moonlight— Sophia Myles’ Beth is a willowy investigative reporter who struggles to solve crimes for an online newspaper called Buzzwire.
Moonlighting— Cybill Shepherd’s Maddie was a willowy model working with live wire David to create buzz for their agency.

Hip Duds
Moonlight— O’Loughlin sports the black hipster wardrobe of the modern vamp.
Moonlighting— Willis vamped in anything from wrinkled suits to tuxes.

Nerdy Sidekick
Moonlight— Kevin Weisman — Alias‘ gadget-happy Marshall — is the goofball photographer who helps Beth document her scoops.
Moonlighting— Curtis Armstrong — nostril-scooping Booger from Revenge of the Nerds — is the detective agency’s all-purpose goofball gofer.

Genre Buster
Moonlight— Unlike the average cold-blooded TV night stalker, the slickster Mick sleeps in a freezer instead of a coffin and doesn’t blink at holy water and garlic, which won’t tame his vampire powers.
Moonlighting— Curtis Armstrong — Unlike the average hard-boiled TV detective, the trickster David frequently winked at the camera, and riffed on Shakespeare in one episode’s extended parody of The Taming of the Shrew.

Lucky Charm?
MoonlightMoonlight, with its Angel-meets-Matrix jumping-snarling-biting special effects, is brought to you by action impresario Joel Silver.
Moonlighting— Near the end of Moonlighting‘s four-year run, Willis became one of the world’s biggest action stars in Die Hard. Its producer? Joel Silver.

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