By Michael Slezak
Updated October 05, 2007 at 10:30 PM EDT

I’ve got mixed feelings about ABC developing a new version of its short-lived 1998 series Cupid. (True confession: Several years ago, I bought some obsessive fan’s VHS copy of the entire series run on eBay. Which I guess makes me an obsessive fan, too.) On the plus side, Cupid succeeded where the majority of romantic-comedies—on the big- and small-screen—have failed: Managing to provide plenty of genuine romantic goo, without forgetting a hard-coated comedic shell. And creator Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) promises that while he’s going to write a brand-new pilot for the brand-new Cupid, he’s not planning to reinvent his original concept. Woot!

That said, I always felt much of Cupid‘s success relied on the flawless chemistry between series leads Jeremy Piven, as a man convinced he’d been banished from Mount Olympus and wouldn’t get to return till he’d united 100 couples, and Paula Marshall, as the prickly therapist assigned to his case. And I worry that any newfangled Cupid is merely going to remind me how much I miss the original flavor.

I guess, as with any potential pilot, it’ll come down to script and casting. With Thomas at the helm, I feel pretty good about the former; as for the latter, I think it’s time for a PopWatch brainstorming session. How about the dreamy, underutilized Jonny Lee Miller (so good on Smith) in the title role, and brainy beauty Aisha Tyler as his romantic counterpart? All in favor, say “Greenlit!” All opposed, suggest some alternatives in the comments section below.

Oh, and BTW, if you’ve never seen Cupid, check out a chunk of the pilot episode after the jump. (Thanks TV Tattle, for the link!) And for the scoop on how the original Cupid was supposed to end, click here for my colleague Mandi Bierly’s 2004 interview with Thomas!)

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