By Marc Bernardin
Updated October 05, 2007 at 04:00 PM EDT

We here at Popwatch Mega-Globo-Hyper-Tron Crystal Palace HQ get a lot of mail. No, really. The sheer tonnage of that mail would stun a charging water buffalo. Even the email is heavy. And in that mail is a disproportionate amount of press releases for things that have no business being sent to an entertainment outlet.

Here’s my favorite of the week:

“Bridgestone Brand Becomes Official Tire Of National Football League: Agreement with the NFL includes title sponsorship for upcoming inaugural International Series Game at Wembley Stadium”

Oh, yes. This is ridiculous for two reasons, which we’ll get into after the jump.

According to the press release: ”This partnership with the NFL allows BFNT to join forces with America’s most popular sport and reach millions of loyal fans who want the same things out of their favorite teams as they need from their tires — excellent performance, endurance and toughness,” said John Gamauf, President of Consumer Tire Replacement Sales, BFNT. ”The NFL has great loyal fans who demand the very best from the teams and products they support. These fans are a perfect fit for our brand. Bridgestone is a world leader and a premium tire choice for drivers with higher standards, which is why we say, ‘For drivers who want to get the most out of their cars, it’s Bridgestone or nothing.’ ”

Now, on to the ridiculousness:

1) This is Entertainment Weekly. Emphasis on the ”entertainment.” Why we’re getting Bridgestone press releases is beyond me. I’m sure Tread Monthly is peeved.

2) Why does the NFL need an official tire? They need official SNEAKERS. Or an official MRI machine. Or an official don’t-let-your-players-do-stupid-crap-and-go-to-jail guidebook. That’d come in handy.

You may go about your daily business.