By Simon Vozick-Levinson
October 03, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s been a tough six months since the first season of VH1’s I Love New York ended in reunion-show heartbreak. The series returns to the air for a second season next Monday night, not a moment too soon — and true fans might be finding it hard to wait even that long. Good thing Tiffany “New York” Pollard herself (pictured, right, with yours truly) stopped by EW’s East Coast office this afternoon to give our eager staffers the lowdown on her rematch with Cupid.

On new romance:

  • “It’s a really serious season,” New York promised. How serious? One episode will see the contestants going through psychiatric evaluations. “I don’t want to get with somebody who’s crazy!”
  • Will we be seeing any familiar faces from last season? “There are a few blasts from the past,” she coyly offered, quickly adding that they’ll serve only as guests, notcontestants.
  • One guy who’s definitely vying for her heart, however: “There’s a midget this season! This was a surprise for me. But overall, he’s a great person.”
  • Meanwhile, watch out for her meddlesome mom, the one and only Sister Patterson. “She is gonna cut up.”

On old grudges:

  • Does she ever talk to Tango, the season 1 winner who dumped her on national TV in the reunion show? “Absolutely not!” she says indignantly. The last she heard from Tango was when, she claims, he texted her immediately after that show taped, begging her to get back together. (Runners-up Chance and Real are another story entirely: “We’re cool,” she said warmly.)
  • That televised breakup, in case you’re wondering, was all authentic. “He dumped me in that moment. There was nothing that led up to it. If it was scripted, I would’ve had more ammo!”

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On other shows:

  • After appearing on both seasons of Flavor of Love, there’s only one fellow contestant whom New York considers a friend: season 1’s Red Oyster.
  • She’d never have graduated Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. “I would have went home immediately, as soon as I got off the bus. There’s no changing New York.”
  • And she’d “absolutely, positively not” consider participating on any other celebreality show, a la The Surreal Life.“I’m such a big personality on my own. If I’m thrown together in ahouse with a lot of other big personalities, something’s gonna happen.”

On her fans:

  • 99.9 percent of the people she meets, she says, show her madlove. In fact, she’s only been openly insulted twice. Once, a passerbylooked at her and gawked, “Ain’t that that b—- that got spit on?”Another time, a woman spotted her sunbathing and shouted, “New York,you look like a f—ing man!” To which she, ever the lady, replied,”Thank you!”
  • The most surprising element she’s encountered in her fanbase: “The elderly.” ‘Nuff said.