By Abby West
October 03, 2007 at 11:31 PM EDT

First of all, thoroughly enjoyed the season’s first case-of-the-week episode. It displayed the show’s knack for working the procedural angle and still touching on the cast’s personal stories, such as Brennan and her dad’s strained relationship, and Angela and Hodgins (ahem, ahem) enlightened one. But the case of the blown up fugitive radical/soccer mom nagged at me a little because it was vaguely reminiscent of an old Law & Order episode. (I’ve seen just about every one. Turns out I was thinking of the White Rabbit episode from October 19, 1994).

This one stood out enough not to really be derivative, as they followed the evidence to back to the husband.  (Isn’t it always the husband? Sorry, honey). But by the end, I was confused about who actually killed the woman’s partner in crime. If his arthritis wouldn’t have allowed him to pull the trigger as the suicide staging suggested, and the old FBI agent didn’t do it, and the husband was arrested only for the wife’s murder, who killed him?

Booth and Brennan did their dance as he pushed her to visit her dad (Ryan O’Neal) in federal prison and work on their relationship, she pushed back as she worked through her abandonment issues. O’Neal is fantastic as Brennan’s Robin Hood-esque criminal father and their claustrophobic scenes in the jail meeting room are almost beautiful as he pushes and cajoles her into relating to him and she hides behind her old judgmental self. But I would love to see O’Neal back on the outside, showing just what an old school pro he is.

Booth and Brennan are keeping things light and breezy right now (nonear-death experiences where they both wear there hearts on theirsleeves) but isn’t it funny how everyone they work with gets the depthof their relationship? It comes out through statements like this onefrom my favorite bossy N’Orleanian attorney, Caroline Julian (PatriciaBelcher): “Leave her be, cher. Absence makes the heart growfonder.” (Belcher also had my favorite line of the night as she toldthe old FBI agent, “I’m sorry that after 40 years of working for theFBI, you’re still a little girl.”)

I love that the (relatively) suave Hodgins turned into abumbling idiot just by coming into close proximity to a hot woman, theFBI bomb tech. It played well, on one level, as a reminder that hereally is just a lab geek. Yet he’s a lab geek who works with women wholook like Camille (Tamara Taylor), Brennan (Emily Deschanel), and, ofcourse, Angela (Michaela Conlin). There’s no shortage of hot women inhis orbit. But they don’t often sport the kind of cleavage that thebombshell from the bomb squad did. Still, it was satisfying to haveHodgins go cold on her when she tried to mess with his evidence.

I could really get used to these ending scenes between Booth andBrennan, these moments for them to connect and become close confidants.And a drunk Booth is so much fun, all loosey-goosey, burping andleaning on Brennan’s shoulder.

So, what did I miss regarding the wrapup of the second murder storyline? Do you think the season 1 Brennan would have been able to comfortthe fugitive’s daughter the way she did in this episode? Who else wouldlike to find out more about Camille’s personal life or history? Do youthink if I sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial long enough I’llget to pal around with David Boreanaz?