By Lynette Rice
Updated October 02, 2007 at 07:53 PM EDT

Don’t look for the dermatologically-challenged stars of ABC’s Cavemen – Bill English (Joel), Sam Huntington (Andy), and Nick Kroll (Nick) – to do many more guest appearances like they did Monday (Oct. 1) on Good Morning America and Dancing With The Stars. Because of the small army of makeup artists and support staff it takes to turn them into neanderthals (often a nearly four-hour endeavor, depending on the amount of body hair that’s required), such appearances end up costing ABC in the low five figures. Surprisingly, the actors have a fairly good attitude about what takes to play Stone Age dudes. Says Huntington, “I don’t like this much attention, and this is almost like wearing a mask. It’s freeing. And if the show is terrible – and I really doubt it is – then no one would ever know it’s me.” Perhaps the actors should have considered using prosthetics on the new Viva Laughlin.