Turns out 78% of people wouldn't see a film called ''The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull''

It’s been two weeks since the title of the fourth Indiana Jones movie was announced, and we’re still scratching our heads. So EW sent a crack team of pollsters — okay, two of our interns — to Central Park to ask 100 people if they would see a movie called, simply, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. To no one’s surprise, 78 said they wouldn’t. Yet once we tacked on that whole Indiana Jones and… business, three-quarters said they’d be there, proving that — as with Star Wars and Harry Potter — every entry in this franchise can call itself whatever the hell it wants. ”Just having those first few words draws people in,” says Steven Awalt, who runs SpielbergFilms.com. ”It could be Indiana Jones and Your Mother’s Bad Cooking, and people will still come.”

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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  • 122 minutes