The ''Flashdance'' collector's edition is a knockout -- The DVD extras are chock-full of fun facts about Jennifer Beals, Michael Eisner, and dance couture

CASTING DOUBT Though Beals was director Adrian Lyne’s choice, everyone — including producer Jerry Bruckheimer — had his own front-runner. Paramount president Michael Eisner asked the secretaries on his floor to watch the actresses’ screen tests and pick their favorite; they unanimously selected Beals.

HAZE CRAZED Not only did Lyne insist on pumping smoke into scenes even after the suits issued a ”no more smoke” edict (the studio would see two or three takes that looked like forest fires, and panic), he also had to deal with naysayers who said his famous ”wet dance” would never play on film.

DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY It’s common knowledge that Beals had a dance double, Marine Jahan. But four actors actually appear in Alex’s ”What a Feelin”’ audition: Beals, Jahan, a female gymnast, and a male break-dancer who donned a wig, leotard, and tights…but refused to trim his mustache.

WHAT A…FASHION STATEMENT! So where did costume designer Michael Kaplan come up with the trendy ripped togs? From sketching Pennsylvania Ballet Company dancers who wore sweatshirts to keep their muscles warm, but cut the collars and sleeves for mobility. That’s, um, why we did it too.

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