The Oscar winner reveals his favorite roles, including ''Good Will Hunting'' and ''All the Pretty Horses''

By EW Staff
September 28, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Will Hunting is so close to my heart because my best friend [Ben Affleck] and I invented him, he’s from Boston, and it was what we knew. The stakes were pretty high with Good Will Hunting and it worked out as best as it can in this business — people saw the movie, it got good reviews, I was happy with the finished product, and they gave us an Oscar. I am also pretty fond of Tom Ripley — playing smart and sinister is just so much fun. I wasn’t that fond of his choice of swim trunks, though, so a few points away for that. And John Grady Cole in All the Pretty Horses was good too. The integrity of that character is admirable. Unfortunately, I am the only one who saw that movie, so no one will get that reference.”