By Amy Ryan
Updated September 27, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Jessica Biel had better get some practice with those bullet-deflecting bracelets because she’s facing hostile fire from a lot of you. Not too many of you think much of the prospect of Biel starring as Wonder Woman in a Justice League of America movie. A lot of you would prefer Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, or Rosario Dawson, though a similar number found those actresses equally unsuitable. Most interesting suggestion, one that a number of you made, was Morena Baccarin from Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity, a suggestion that might have had a chance if Whedon were still making a Wonder Woman movie.

As long as we’re spitballing here, who should play the rest of the Justice Leaguers? (In the new issue of EW, Nicole Sperling reports that it’s unlikely that Brandon Routh and Christian Bale will be taking busman’s holidays from the existing Superman and Batman movie franchises to share the spotlight with the other JLA members.) The prospective casting of Biel suggests a youngish group of heroes, so Tom Welling could slide in naturally as Superman, couldn’t he? Plus, they’ll need a Batman, a Green Lantern, a Flash, an Aquaman, and others. PopWatcher casting powers: activate!

UPDATE: Biel’s reps have confirmed to EW reporter Nicole Sperling that the actress has passed on the movie. (EW also asked Warner Bros. for a reaction to Biel dropping out of the project; the studio declined to comment.) So you still have a chance to lobby for your own favorite Amazon to pilot the invisible jet.

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