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September 26, 2007 at 06:00 PM EDT
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Attention, fashionistas! The Sex and the City movie has hit Manhattan and EW will be tracking the shoots, the gals, and the clothes. But not to worry, PopWatchers, we won’t be giving away plot lines or key details. We don’t like spoilers either!

Monday’s shoot, which began at 10 AM and concluded at about 5 PM, brought Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York (Kristen Davis) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) to Christie’s, near Rockefeller Plaza. They were filming a scene from the beginning of the film in which Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte walk down 49th Street to meet Samantha at the famed auction house. Although I couldn’t hear any of the dialogue, I could see Carrie’s animated body language. She hugged Miranda and the three of them strolled arm-in-arm. Samantha, spotting them, let loose with a scream — it was probably heard in New Jersey.

In between takes, Davis embraced a crew member who looked like she was crying, while Parker discussed something with executive producer Michael Patrick King. The girls were fussed over by make-up, but, unfortunately, there was no sign of costume designer Patricia Field — or her  Kool-Aid-colored hair. When passers-by realized what they had stumbled upon, they whipped out their cameras and snapped photos of the cast, who were decked out head to toe. Even though no one looks that dressed up at 4 p.m. on a weekday, the shoot gave us everything we love about Field’s vision: color, contrast and patterns. Here’s the lowdown on each character’s style:

addCredit(” Sarah Jessica Parker: James Devaney/”)

Carrie: Looking ladylike in a red rose print, she rocked abubble dress that cinched tightly at the bottom. In true Carrie fashion,she paired the floral number with a pair of edgy zebra-print stilettosand bright orange clutch. Sound hideous? Not on Carrie!

Miranda: Miranda’s black and white geometric print dress, cinchedwith a metallic bronze belt, seemed a little un-Miranda-like to me, butthen again, she’s always struck me as being something of a power suit woman. The slouchymetallic bronze bag was a nice addition, but those giant goldoval-shaped earrings? Overkill!

Charlotte: A white Chanel purse, Louboutins, and a white dress withblack overlay and yellow flowers was a beautiful reflection of Char’sclassy personality. As Anthony would say, “Love it!”

Samantha: Outfitted in a lemon-yellow blazer, black pencil skirt, andsilver pumps, Samantha was every bit the power P.R. woman in hertraditional skirt suit with a (lemon) twist. But one question remains:After watching this shoot and seeing last Friday’s photo of Samantha’sred suit, is it just me or do her outfits need to lose the shoulderpads?

The shoot also got me thinking about some of my favorite fashions fromthe show: the multicolored coat Carrie wore when she first met Aidanin his furniture store, the lipstick skirt Charlotte wore when shefirst met Trey, and the Technicolor/psychedelic dress Samantha wore ather party at Richard’s Hampton house. So PopWatchers, what are some ofyour memorable fashions moments from the show? What fashion trendswould you like to see in the film? Which character sports your favoritestyle?

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