By Abby West
September 26, 2007 at 08:54 PM EDT

Hi. My name is Abby and I am hopelessly devoted to David Boreanaz the show Bones. Ah, forget that. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. This show has given me two seasons of gruesome deaths, witty repartee, and stunningly well-played sexual tension. What more can you ask of a weekly TV indulgence? So you can see that I came to this third season with a closetful of expectations — and boy have they been met.

A skull slamming into the windshield of a speeding car was a nice “Hey, how ya doin’?'” kind of opener. It was quite the windy road from that overpass-tossed body part to a creepy government official and his bed-hopping wife to a cannibalistic freak with a diamond in his tooth to a secret society bent on…well, we’re not sure what yet. But along the way, we got reacquainted with Boreanaz’s FBI agent Seeley Booth and his merry band of squints, led by Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel, pictured, with Boreanaz). And at the end, we were left with a bigger, possibly dangerous, mystery to unravel for episodes to come.

I really wasn’t sure how they’d handle Hodgins and Angela’s whole thwarted-wedding thing from last season’s final, but it just played right into the couple’s sweet but wacky relationship. Of course Hodgins isn’t put off by the fact that Angela forgot that years ago she married a giant black sailor, who she’d just met, while drunk, on the island of Vatulolo during the feast of the shark god Dakuwaka. Of course he would spend an obscene amount of his rather vast wealth to find that person and finalize their divorce  By the way, how cute is T.J. Thyne with his hair cut short? Not that I didn’t love his great mane of curly hair but when it’s short you really get to see what a handsome man he is — possible future leading man kind of handsome.

addCredit(“Bones: Carin Baer”)

The writers did a great job confusing the source of the tensionbetween Booth and Brennan. Was it because the “iconic image” of the twoof them standing at the altar last year disturbed Brennan? Was itbecause Booth arrested her father last year, even though Temperancesaid she understood? Booth’s dogged attempts to ferret out what wasreally wrong and get Brennan to go back out into the field with himshowed just how intertwined they’d gotten. Some might say they had asymbiotic relationship. (Loved Brennan’s line: “You said that already.What is it, the word of the day?” when Booth pointed out their”symbiotic” relationship again.) It’s just as they say in the end. Thetwo of them are the center and as long as they hold ittogether, keeping their relationship somehow playful yet intense, theshow will continue to succeed.

The fact that Booth knew things still weren’t right between themeven when she did go back into the field with him was a testament totheir connection. He cares for her personally and was afraid he’d hurther. And he knew Zack’s absence alone wasn’t the reason for herdistance, it was the fact that he hadn’t stopped Zack from acceptingthe military’s request to join a mission.

Speaking of Zack, there was a total old-home-week sort of vibe tohis surprise return to the lab from Iraq. Naturally Zack’s  inabilityto interact on such a warm fuzzy level for long had him immediatelyjumping into the case and kicking the more than qualified but sadly outof luck trial assistant Clark (Eugene Byrd) to the curb. It was so sadwhen Clark said he was nobody and just exited. Ouch. I’m lookingforward to finding out more about Zack’s time with the military andexactly why he was found to be “detrimental to a military teamapproach.”

So, what do you think of the overarching storyline that looks likeit’ll be played out over the season? Anyone else wondering how Camillecan remain just good friends with Booth after their steamy past? Or whythe entire world isn’t watching this show?