By Michael Slezak
Updated September 21, 2007 at 08:09 PM EDT

This morning, a so-called friend emailed me a post from the With Leather blog aboutsportscaster Cris Collinsworth, and it’s honestly put me off my feed in a wayno YouTube clip has ever done before. I warn you in advance, this five-minutepiece about Australia’sMouse Plague of 1993 is chock full of horrific images — more chock full thanthe bucket of dead rodents that farmer Ann Venning dumps on her driveway.

For those ofyou who choose to watch, I have a few questions: Why isn’t Venning wearing hipboots when she “wades into the mouse-infested shed to save her screechingpigs”? How priceless is the expression on that tiger cat’s face when it witnessesthe “explosion of mice”? Were you aware that “mice are one ofthe most sexually active creatures on Earth,” and that “a single paircan produce 2,000 offspring in just a matter of months”? Will you everrecover from Venning’s way-too-detailed description of what her young daughterdid with little Fievel’s corpse? And why hasn’t anyone bought the rights to thisheinoustry and turned it into a horror film?