Get a sneak peek at the two-hour flashback ''Razor,'' plus hints about season 4

By Adam B. Vary
Updated September 21, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, ...
Credit: Carole Segal

Gotta love those wily scribes at Battlestar Galactica. The fourth and final (sniff!) season of the acclaimed Sci Fi series doesn’t yet have a set air date?a rep says look for it early next year (more on that in a bit)?so for an appetizer, the show’s cooked up Razor, a two-hour flashback episode airing Nov. 24. (An extended-cut DVD hits shelves Dec. 4.)

The story is ostensibly about the first mission of the (now-lost) Battlestar Pegasus under the command of Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber), which falls roughly in the latter half of the second season. It’s told, though, through the eyes of new character Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Jacobsen). ”Lee promotes [her] to be his [second-in-command],” explains show-runner Ronald D. Moore, ”and you wonder, who is this woman?” That question, says Moore, allows the show to explore ”a lot of things that we’ve talked about or alluded to but never actually seen. You start flashing all the way back to before the Cylon attack on the colonies, to who she was, how she came to the Pegasus, what happened to them, and what was their story before they met up with Galactica.”