By Amy Ryan
Updated September 19, 2007 at 09:10 PM EDT

If you’re the kind of actor who wants to be a chameleon — to avoid typecasting, and to play characters that keep audiences guessing as to their motivations — it really does help to keep your personal life something of a mystery and to let your work speak for itself. You’d think this point would be obvious to an industry vet like Peter Bart, but the Variety editor is throwing a snit because Matt Damon (pictured) isn’t a more forthcoming interview subject and insists on maintaining a zone of privacy around himself and his non-celebrity wife and toddler daughter. Bart seems to think Damon owes us all a more open and flamboyant public life if he wants to stay famous or even to use his fame in service of social causes.

As an entertainment journalist and movie fan, I guess I’m supposed to agree with Bart, but here’s what I think Damon owes me, my fellow journalists, and my fellow fans: nada. I was going to say he owes it to me to keep making good movies, but he doesn’t even owe me that. If I lose interest in him, it’ll be because he starts boring me onscreen, not off.

Really, PopWatchers, is there any star whose movies you’re more eager to buy tickets for because his or her private life is openly on display?

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