By Lynette Rice
Updated September 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Hmm…remember those “scoops” in the blogosphere that Britney Spears might show up on last weekend’s Emmy telecast to apologize for her VMA performance? Unfortunately, she never materialized. And we smell a rat. The rumor seemed pretty outlandish in the first place. Spears has zero ties to the TV industry, which is why some conspiracy theorists have begun to think that a shrewd mind inside Fox may have circulated the Britney “tip” to generate buzz for the telecast. Not a bad idea. It’s hard enough to get viewers to tune into the typically low-rated ceremony, and this year the kudofest aired opposite the Patriots vs. Chargers game on NBC. Fox insists the rumor didn’t come from them. At any rate, it didn’t work. Last Sunday’s Emmy ceremony generated the lowest rating among young adults since the start of People Meters in 1987. Ouch.