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Tom DeLonge's new band, Angels & Airwaves, channels blink-182 for their new single. Plus: hear new tracks from Three 6 Mafia, Jill Scott, Wayne Wonder, and Cassidy featuring Swizz Beatz

September 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hear Angels & Airwaves’ new single

ANGELS & AIRWAVES, ”Everything’s Magic”
The conventional buzz on blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge’s new band was that it represented a major rejection of the pop-punk sound that made him famous — either an impressive maturation into U2-style arena anthems or a pretentious over-reach, depending on whom you asked. Well, the lead single from Angels & Airwaves’ second album just came out, and it sounds a lot like… a blink-182 song. That’s not a criticism, by any means. In fact, the staccato guitar, propulsive drum rhythm, and reflective vocal melody recall everything that was great about latter-day blink. Maybe DeLonge hasn’t changed direction so permanently after all. (Hear it at AOL Music)

THREE 6 MAFIA, ”Suga Daddy”
It’s been a year and a half since Three 6 Mafia made history as the first rap artists to win an Oscar and almost four months since their MTV reality show’s last new episode aired. So would they please hurry up and release a new album to capitalize on all that mainstream exposure already? At least the Memphis vets have put out this tasty appetizer to tide us over while we wait for their long-promised CD Last 2 Walk, currently scheduled to go on sale Dec. 4. The warm organ chords rolling slowly underneath DJ Paul and Juicy J’s barking bravado make this a welcome sequel to their 2005 hit ”Stay Fly.” Meanwhile, spirited guest vocals from up-and-coming female emcees Princess and Diamond (of Atlanta’s Crime Mob) provide the woman’s touch that Three 6 has been missing since early member Gangsta Boo departed a few years back. (Buy it on iTunes)

JILL SCOTT, ”Hate on Me”
Whoever’s been foolish enough to hate on Jill Scott or her music deserves a stern talking-to — and a proper thank-you, judging by the fiery performance that hatin’ has inspired in Scott’s latest single. ”Go ‘head and hate on me, hater,” the neo-soul diva scoffs, harnessing her powerhouse of a voice to a big, bold arrangement of Stax-style horns and nasty drum breaks. If you can keep hating on her after hearing that, well, hats off to you. (Stream it from Jill Scott’s MySpace, buy it on iTunes, or watch the video at AOL Music)

”I’ll never leave you alone again,” the Jamaican star croons plaintively in his new single. He’s ostensibly addressing a lost lover, but he might as well be pleading with the pop charts: As far as this country’s radio programming went, Wonder labored away in obscurity for years before his ”No Letting Go” was swept to success in 2003 along with all the other songs featuring the unstoppable Diwali riddim. ”Again” rides an easygoing guitars-and-synths groove that’s much closer to traditional roots reggae than his lone U.S. hit’s galloping dancehall claps, but Wonder’s vocals are as suavely serpentine as ever. Hopefully, this time there really will be no letting go on our part. (Stream it at his label’s site)

Some killjoys like to bemoan the rise of so-called ”ringtone rap,” as they derisively dub hyper-repetitive tunes that sound like they were written expressly to be blasted out of tinny Nokia speakers. Doesn’t anyone look on the bright side anymore? Sure, this Philadelphia mixtape rapper’s new single is light on lyrical insights — but the instantly gratifying hook is so absurdly catchy, it’s just begging to be played and replayed to death. (Hear it at AOL Music)

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