Why we're excited about his new book, ''Foreskin's Lament''

By Gregory Kirschling
Updated September 14, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Foreskin’s Lament
Oct. 4

Age 37
Home Woodstock, N.Y.

Why Him?
Auslander, a regular on NPR’s This American Life, has always feared God. His memoir about growing up as an Orthodox Jew is a grim, uproarious account of how he got that way.

Why He’s So Afraid
”Growing up, I was told lots of scary things about Him! ‘Hi, kids, there’s a guy, and if you piss Him off, He’s gonna flood the world,”’ Auslander recalls. ”Later, a lot of kids realize that’s not necessarily the real deal, but I didn’t go through that.”

Signs From Above?
”I had a flat tire yesterday morning. I didn’t think anything about God at that point, but then this morning my car battery was dead. I thought, ‘I’m 30 days from publication; this is when He starts to get pissed.”’