By EW Staff
Updated September 14, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Shakira: George Pimentel/

When EW sibling People reported that Shakira, she of the oh-so-truthful hips, was hitting the books at my alma mater, I was impressed. After four years at UCLA, I can tell you that being a Bruin isn’t easy: In between cheering on our basketball team during March Madness and watching in awe as the football team annihilates USC, we spend plenty of long hours in the library before going out to Margarita Monday to celebrate our various victories. But then I found out that the pop star was taking “History of Western Civilization,” and I thought I’d let you P-Dubbers in a little secret: Easiest. Class. Ever. Unless you can’t tell Caesar from a salad, History 1A is about as hard as making fun of Britney Spears.

Still, Professor Robert Cleve is indeed a heavyweight in the department, so hopefully Shakira’s learning something. If not, I hope she’s taking advantage of Acapulco’s $2 Monday night special. At least she’s not spending her summer hitting on helplessly starstruck UCLA students — rumor has it that James Franco’s been making eyes at my friend Mindy (not to mention checking out the local pubs) on their Shakespeare study-abroad program. What do you think, P-Dubbers? Are these celebs spending their summers hitting the books or the bars?

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