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By EW Staff
Updated September 14, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

State of Disgrace
Your ”Summer of Scandal!” package was really enjoyable. It’s articles like these, which combine professional input, the unfiltered opinions of everyday people, and celebrity gossip, that make EW so much fun to read!
Jordan Lehto
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Oh, EW, you disappoint me. Throwing together a tired scandal roundup that a tabloid could do in its sleep? You’re better than that. (And asking ”What does it all mean?” doesn’t make it okay.) If you can’t say something new, don’t say anything at all.
Daisy James
Kensington, Calif.

‘Sight’ Unseen
Mark Harris was right (The Final Cut): No End in Sight was compelling and authoritative. And when I went to see it, I had to flag down the projectionist — I was the only person in the theater.
Geoffrey Dennis
Flower Mound, Tex.

I Want My Old MTV
Remember when MTV played music (News & Notes)? I’d flip it on after school and zone out until my parents made me do homework. I still like listening to music. MTV, are you listening? More people would be watching if you were.
Kelly Hawkins
Kansas City, Mo.

‘War’ Hero
Thanks for your article on Jason Statham (”Cut to the Chase”)! I’ve been a fan since he played Handsome Rob in The Italian Job. He showed his potential as the Transporter, I couldn’t stop laughing at the acid trip that was Crank, and I couldn’t wait for War. When will Hollywood wake up and smell the star power?
J’aime Maynard
Montgomery Village, Md.

We misspelled the last name of The Nanny Diaries co-writer/co-director Shari Springer Berman (Movies).


Throughout The X-Files‘ nine-year run, Stephanie Kienzle of North Miami Beach was a true believer. She skipped family dinners to tune in, went to a convention, and collected Scully- and Mulder-inspired pogs and action figures. The show even served as a form of birth control: She chose not to get pregnant again to avoid going into labor during the TV season. ”My uterus owes Chris Carter a huge debt of gratitude,” says the mom of three.