Britney Spears' emotional fan -- YouTube poster Chris Crocker defends the singer while shedding a few tears

By Tim Stack
Updated September 14, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Meet Chris Crocker, the guy who parlayed Britney’s VMA act into instant online stardom. He doesn’t plan on going away anytime soon.

”That’s actually the second take I did,” says Chris Crocker (né he refuses to say), the new online personality behind the teary-eyed plea to ease up on Britney. (Despite the multiple attempts, he stresses that the outburst was heartfelt.). An unemployed 19-year-old who lives with his grandparents — he won’t say where — Crocker is a frequent YouTube poster, but Britney’s VMA performance got him especially choked up. ”I’m giving a voice to Britney fans because right now it’s like 1 out of 10 [people who support her],” he says. ”You never hear anything positive, like the world doesn’t even think she has fans anymore.” Bloggers picked up on the grainy video, which calls the media to task for exploiting Britney. (Irony much, Chris?) It then caught the attention of outlets like Fox News. But Crocker, an aspiring comedian and actor, hopes Hollywood will also hear his cries. He says he’s pitching a reality show to cable networks and would like to land one like his frenemy Perez Hilton (right). ”I’m trying to kind of parlay this into a ticket out of here,” he admits. Call it the Perez effect: Celebrity is now only a Britney blog post away.