By Michael Slezak
Updated September 07, 2007 at 11:55 PM EDT
Credit: Jeff Weddell

All week long, I’ve been basking in US Open tennis coverage on USA — that Venus Williams-Jelena Jankovic match was a doozy! — and the only drawback has been enduring the barrage of ads for the network’s dramedy Psych (starring Dulé Hill and James Roday, pictured). In the spirit of that sappy old Savage Garden song where they sing “I knew I loved you before I met you,” I know I hate Psych before I’ve watched it.

Is it wrong that I’m judging a show based on its promos alone? Sure it is! But if I can’t endure 30 seconds of Roday’s “look at me being wacky!” mugging — and Hill’s wide-eyed fustiness — there’s no way I’m subjecting myself to a full hour. (Unless all of you gang up on me in the comments section and demand it.)

In the meantime, I’m curious: What’s the one show you know you hate, even though you’ve never watched it? I know, I know, you’ve got a whole top 10 list, but let’s all try to be super selective and limit ourselves to a single pick. Ready, set, kvetch!

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