Mary-Kate Olsen explains the professional importance of turning 18

By Karen Valby
Updated September 07, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

In 2004, tween queens Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took their final cutesy bow in New York Minute. Made for $40 million, the ill-conceived attempt to translate their direct-to-video appeal to the big screen took in less than half that at the box office. ”We didn’t have any control of what we could say yes to and what we could say no to, or even why things were put in place,” explains Mary-Kate. ”Literally, we had to do it. And that was the last thing we had to do.” When the sisters turned 18, they bought out Robert Thorne, their longtime manager and CEO of their multibillion-dollar Dualstar Entertainment Group, then assumed full control of their company. So don’t go looking for NYM 2: The Reckoning anytime soon.