''Halloween'' director Rob Zombie says his two-pic deal with Dimension won't include any more Michael Myers movies — in fact, he might not do horror at all

By Youyoung Lee
Updated September 06, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com

Candy corn’s not the only thing giving Rob Zombie a sweet tooth these days. His remake of Halloween has spooked up more than $30 million, the biggest Labor Day weekend opening ever. And with his newly cemented two-picture contract with Dimension Films, one might assume that Zombie, who directed 1000 Corpses and its sequel, The Devil’s Rejects, now considers horror his foolproof way to the top.

Not the case, it turns out. Though Dimension may try to terrorize Zombie into more of the Michael Myers franchise, the director has higher aspirations. ”I’m not going to do any more Halloween movies, or any more remakes of any kind. I signed up for two more pictures, but not two more Halloween pictures,” he says. ”They’re going to be original stuff — and I don’t necessarily know that they’re going to be related to the horror genre either.”

Color us startled. Zombie not doing anything related to horror? He is, after all, the same person who once sang about ”sucking juice from a fallen angel” and conjured the idea of rejected devil-children. But Zombie appears breezy about potentially alienating his fans, whose cultish dedication undoubtedly contributed to last weekend’s success: ”You just have to stick to your guns. I think when people try to chase trends or second-guess what audiences want, it gets them in trouble. You just got to do your thing.”