By Amy Ryan
Updated September 05, 2007 at 08:43 PM EDT

Premiere has a list of 20 of their favorite movie plot twists (hat tip to Movie City News for the link), and while it contains usual suspects like, um, The Usual Suspects, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Sixth Sense (pictured), it also contains some that I don’t think qualify. Finding out what “Rosebud” refers to at the end of Citizen Kane doesn’t count, since the big reveal doesn’t really answer any deeper questions but leaves intact the mystery of what drove Kane. Or Eddie and the Cruisers — could any viewer have been surprised that Eddie wasn’t really dead? Or any of the it-was-all-a-dream scenarios floated here; that always strikes me as a cop-out. My idea of a great plot twist is something truly unexpected, like in the Scottish film Comfort and Joy, where the protagonist, a radio DJ who’s been moping over being dumped by his girlfriend at Christmastime, suddenly finds himself caught in a gang war between rival ice cream truck franchises. (I sure didn’t see that one coming.) C’mon, PW-ers, we can do better. I know we can.

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