By Will Boisvert
August 31, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Wheel of Darkness


The Wheel of Darkness‘ FBI special agent Pendergast thinks like Sherlock Holmes, fights like James Bond, and looks like Andy Warhol. In his eighth outing, he and his ward, Constance, hunt for a spooky Buddhist artifact on a swank cruise ship. After some grisly murders, Pendergast deploys intellect, fists, electronic gizmos, and Tibetan meditation techniques leading to ”the Doorstep to Perfect Emptiness.” Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s rousing mash-up of high-tech thrills and occult esoterica is aided by Pendergast’s droll, retro charm; his idea of trash talk is calling someone an ”ill-mannered cur.” A-

The Wheel of Darkness

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