By Tanner Stransky
Updated August 30, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Apparently, attending the American Idols Live! concert is a shameful thing, as evidenced by the looks and comments I got when I mentioned it to folks outside the EW walls this morning. Who knew? Not me! I’m honestly not embarrassed to admit that I caught the show at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J. last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. So without further ado, the best, worst, biggest, and most of last night’s super-fun festivities:

Worst Ensemble Song: Sadly it was the opener — a warbling, uncontrolled version of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get it Started” — which launched the show on shaky ground. Obviously not a good pick for Hayley, Sanjaya… awww, hell, none of them could cut it.

Most Fun Cover: Hayley, LaKisha, and Gina’s vampy performance the Pink-Christina-Lil’ Kim-Mya version of “Lady Marmalade,” while musically pretty awful, was probably the most fun had on stage. Shimmying! Feathers! Gina grunting like Lil’ Kim! Otherwise, all you need to imagine is LaKisha rising up out of the bottom of the stage sprawled on a white love seat.

addCredit(“Jordin Sparks: Joey Foley/”)

Most Inappropriate Fist-Pumping Moment: During LaKisha’sshow-stopping rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,”the mom-jeaned-out mom in front of me — for reasons that areinexplicable to me — took to pumping her fists into the air, Rocky-style.The moment was rather powerful (you all remember LaKisha’s diva-liciouspipes), but I couldn’t help but burst out into giggles.

Worst Repetition: Little girls love to scream things like “Welove you Chris!” or “We love you Blake!” And occasionally, they’reactually loud enough so that the acts on stage hear. Well, Jordin(pictured) must have good hearing, or the girls were screaming louderwhen she finally stepped on stage, or something because for every “Welove you, Jordin!” she would breathily say, “I love you, too” into themicrophone. But like 15 times.

Most Ridiculous Moment: During a cover of “Proud Mary,”Sanjaya ripped the bottom half of Melinda’s floor-length dress off toreveal a miniskirt! Runner-up was Sanjaya’s half-baked take on MichaelJackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

Best Battle: The beat-boxing showdown between Chris andBlake. Blake totally won, of course, but Chris put together a prettyconvincing redux of “SexyBack.”

Biggest Awww Moment: For her show-ending set, Jordin wore areplica of her dad’s jersey — number 22 — from when Phillippi Sparksplayed for the New York Giants. (And how fitting, since Giants Stadiumis right next door to Continental Airlines Arena.)

Best Phil Stacey Being Phil Stacey Moment: He opened thesecond half of the concert with “God Bless America.” While wearing asailor uniform. And a Dixie cup hat. Plus: A digital American flag flewbehind him. How very patriotic.

Worst Skit: Chris, Phil and Sanjaya’s half-hearted, wackyskit about what songs they’d been practicing together. They theyperformed Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” I had to wonder: Werethe children in the audience even alive when that song was out?

Best Promotional Tie-In: It’s the Pop Tarts American IdolsLive! tour. How perfect is that? Pop Tarts! American Idol! Pop music!Get it? I just got done crunching on the Pop Tart I got on the wayout…