The star of the cult flick ''The Lawnmower Man,'' most recently seen in ''Grindhouse,'' has ''exactly the right sensibilities'' for the island, say Lindelof and Cuse
Credit: Jeff Fahey: Bobby Bank/

The new season of Lost is still over five months away (arrrrggggh!!!), but shooting on the first episode is underway, and the show’s five new cast members are officially in place. Yes, we said five: Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tell that Jeff Fahey — a cult-pop fave most famous for The Lawnmower Man and most recently seen in Grindhouse — has been added to the show, joining previously announced newcomers Jeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan), Lance Reddick (The Wire), Ken Leung (The Sopranos), and British actress Rebecca Mader (The Devil Wears Prada, Love Monkey).

The producers wouldn’t comment on the character that Fahey will be playing, but said he was the first and only choice for the role. ”The Lawnmower Man and [the 1995 TV series] The Marshall are personal faves,” says Cuse. ”And he has the most intense eyes of any guy out there, and I say that as a non-gay man.” Adds Lindelof: ”Fahey is one of those actors who feels like he fits into the Lost model: He’s enormously talented and will be vaguely recognizable to some people, but he’ll be able to land on our island without most people going, ‘Oh, I know who that guy is.’ And especially for the part we cast him for, he has exactly the right sensibilities.”

Yep: consider us teased. Check back later this week for more on Fahey’s casting, plus the producers’ take on their other new cast members.

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