The fights with Dick, the destroyed cigarettes: In her exit interview, the ostracized nanny shares her side of the story

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated August 27, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”One thing led to another and I just got mad — it was not a good night for me,” understates last night’s Big Brother evictee Jen, explaining why she destroyed rival Dick’s cigarettes and then openly flouted the show’s rules by wolfing down a turkey burger (she was supposed to stick to slop). We checked in with the 23-year-old Beverly Hills nanny about her explosive fights with Dick, Eric’s harsh goodbye, and what she calls her ”worst play in the game.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you get cast on Big Brother?
[Pause] Uh…

Did you apply? Did someone approach you?
[Pause] Um, I think that I was recommended by somebody for the show. [Laughs] I’m not quite sure.

Why did you want to do it?
I’m always up for trying new things and the opportunity came for me to try it out, so I thought that it would be a cool thing to do, and an experience that I’ll have for a lifetime, and that I’ll be able to learn things about others and myself. Why not? I’m always up for having some fun.

Do you hope to have an acting career?
Um, I did before the show — I’m not sure if the show, um, I don’t know if the show helps or hurts you… I don’t know. We’ll see… I’m still pursuing it.

Do you have an agent?
I have a modeling agent, so I’ll have to get an acting agent.

You’re friends with Dr. Will?
I’m not friends with Dr. Will — I’m friends with Boogie.

Did Boogie give you advice before you went in the house?
He didn’t. I actually know him from a mutual friend of ours… I had just actually hung out with him a couple of times out in the Bahamas right before I had even known I was going to be on the show. I would have [asked him for advice]. Obviously their strategies worked all right. But it’s not me how they did it anyways, so that’s okay.

Are you going to the sequester house?
I am.

You don’t sound happy about that.
At first I wasn’t happy about it, but now that I’m here I’m happier about it. And it’ll be a weaning period for me, because I think if I got thrown into my home life right now it might be a little weird, after being in the house for 55 days.

Did you try to get out of going?
No. I said I wasn’t going to go, but I never tried… I really didn’t want to go when I said it. I wasn’t, like, making it up. I really was like, ”I wanna go home!” But I think it’ll be fun, and after seeing people while doing interviews and seeing everyone after I got out, it was like, ”Oh my gosh — all these people!” So I’m kind of happy to let it die down a little and go to a peaceful place for a little bit. I’m going to learn some Spanish on my iPod.

Is it in Mexico?
No. I don’t know where the sequester house is, but no, I don’t think so.

Dick said really disgusting things to you but it seemed that he was never penalized. Do you think that was fair?
Um, no, I don’t think that it was fair. I think that it obviously made good television and that’s why it was used. I don’t know what to say is fair, I’m definitely normally a fair person — I do think Dick crossed the line several times with physical [acts] and with his words.

Did he touch you?
No — I mean, like, just really up close and personal and in my face. I don’t think that it was right, and I prefer not to ever have to be cast with anyone or know anyone like that again.

You were spotted reading the BB rule book — were you looking for rules that said he should be penalized or ejected?
No, that’s Dick’s theory. I actually was really bored in the Big Brother house, believe it or not, and I found reading the Big Brother rules, the Bowflex manual, the Bible, whatever I could get my hands on, was entertaining.

Did you ask the producers to reprimand Dick or do something about his behavior?
I never asked anyone to do anything about it — I just stated my own concerns about it, that I was actually fearing for my life and that I was hoping that my family wasn’t going to hurt him when he got out. And saying that for his own sake he should probably have to stop doing that or he is going to be very hated and need a lot of bodyguards for a while.

What did Big Brother say to you when you told them you were fearing for your life?
They said that everything is always under control and that nothing would happen to me and so not to be scared.

NEXT PAGE: ”I think that was my worst play in the game, not evicting Dick out of the house that week.”

After Dick treated you so poorly, you aligned with him and Daniele. What were you thinking, and why did you do it?
[After Kail was gone], at that point I wasn’t aligning with Dick and Daniele — that’s when Dick and Daniele were both on the block, and Dick was supposed to go home and I was definitely willing to work with Daniele because I thought that Daniele and I would be an amazing partnership. Obviously we both would do really well in the competitions, we both have different skills in the competitions, and I honestly thought it would have worked out really well. I always told her I cannot work with your dad, I just can’t. That definitely was repeated multiple times.

But you knew if you were working with her you were in effect working with Dick as well.
Well, he was supposed to be leaving, and so I wouldn’t be working with him — it was his leaving that was going to make it so that [Daniele and I] were together. And had he left I think that it would have worked out. Whatever.

Do you regret it?
Yeah. I think that was my worst play in the game, not evicting Dick out of the house that week.

You told the other houseguests that Big Brother told you that you could destroy Dick’s cigarettes. When did that happen?
The problem was that it was before [I went into the house], and I asked — because I don’t like smoking and I didn’t want to be in the house with any smokers — if I could throw someone’s cigarettes in the pool, and I was informed that yes, you would be able to do that. So when I wasn’t able to I got very upset, and that’s why I was crying and that’s why I ate. That’s what led to a lot of things — I get upset when I’m told something and I’m not able to do it, and it makes me look a fool. Obviously I don’t appreciate it and I don’t like it.

What happened after you threw them in the trash?
I just got called in and they said you can’t do that, and I cried and whined for hours, and then that was that. Then I went and ate, and then I got yelled at again.

What did BB say to you when you were reprimanded for the cigarettes and breaking the slop rule?
I don’t know — it was a long period of events and I don’t really remember the actual words.

You handled everything up until that point with amazing equanimity — what was it about that night that drove you to snap? Had you just had enough?
It honestly had nothing to do with Dick — I know he wishes that it was. But it actually was just the sheer fact that I thought I could destroy the cigarettes and I couldn’t and it really upset me that I thought that I was going to be able to, and I looked dumb for doing something that I thought I was allowed to do. It just bothered me. It wasn’t Dick, it was honestly just the pure fact that I wouldn’t have done anything that I wasn’t supposed to do had I known. One thing led to another and I just got mad — it was not a good night for me. It was actually all in the course of one night. It was whenever the girls were gone on their outing — Monday or Tuesday.

Do you consider yourself friends with anyone who is still in the house?
Um, well, see, I’m always friendly with anyone even if they’re mean to me. I don’t know, I would think that I’m still friendly with Jameka, and it goes on and off with Amber… Jessica is really two-faced, but she’s nice to me, and she is, like, fun sometimes — but most times she just sleeps. I don’t know. I was friendly with Eric — but he’s almost on the level with Dick where he’s just so mean for fake [reasons]… I’m a real person, and I don’t deserve to be treated this way, I don’t care if it’s for the game. That’s why I stated that I didn’t fit in the house because I just couldn’t be fake like almost everyone else was being. I was just being me.

It was odd that Eric was so rude to you when you were leaving the house, but then his goodbye message was very friendly. What did you make of that?
This is Eric’s strategy: He wants everyone in the house to think that everyone that leaves for sequester hates him. He actually tells people that in his goodbye speeches he [says] mean things so that way they’ll think, ”Oh, if I bring Eric to the final two everyone will hate him and I’ll win.” Then in his goodbye speeches he’s like, ”Oh, we had our good times…” It’s just game strategy to get votes and stay in the game.

You said to people in the house that you felt when Daniele was on slop, Big Brother gave everyone more days off than they did when you were on slop.
I think that was just because sometimes we get a meal for random reasons — like we got locked out for too long or the veto competition went on a really long time… It’s just that every time Daniele happened to be on slop, somehow in the middle of the week we got a free slop day. I didn’t really mind, because obviously she shouldn’t be on slop because she would die. But I was never on slop with her, so it was just weird to see. But whatever.

Finally, the most important question: Did you get to keep the unitard?
I have the unitard and I’m keeping it.

Thanks for talking to us, Jen. I hope you have a relaxing time in sequester, and I’ll be rooting for anyone but Dick to win.
That makes two of us.

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