By Michael Slezak
August 24, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

American Idol‘s sixth season left a lot of folks feeling ambivalent, so I guess it should come as no great shock that its big winner, Jordin Sparks, is kicking off her post-Idol career with a shoulder-shrug of a single called “Tattoo” (now streaming at AOL Music).

It’s not that “Tattoo” is a terrible song — not by any stretch. It’s got a pretty little melody — I keep thinking “Irreplaceable,” only with an extra cup of water added to the stock — and Jordin’s vocal is surprisingly restrained (not a quality you necessarily expect early in an Idol champ’s careeer).

That said, a couple things about “Tattoo” are bugging the heck out of me. What’s that yelping business going on in the background? Did one of the Stargate guys (who, incidentally, also produced “Irreplaceable”) grab a too-hot bag of popcorn out of the studio microwave while Jordin was cutting the vocal? And while I dig the central theme of Jordin striding into the sunset alone, telling her old flame that “you’re on my heart just like a tattoo,” when you really listen to the lyrics, they seem more a collection of attractive words than actual sentiments. For example, there’s that line, “I can’t waste time, so give it a moment.” Um, if you can’t waste time, then how is it you have a moment to give in the first place? And the truth is a stranger? Her soul is in danger? What the devil?

Anyway, P-Dubs, I’m curious what you think about “Tattoo.” (Click here to hear it.) Our fabulous photo editor Samantha Harmon just popped into my office while I was playing it and declared, “It sounds like everything I’ve ever heard in my entire life.” She may be right. I may be crazy. But it’s really your opinions that we’re looking for.

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