The ''Dynasty'' diva loves Posh Spice and ''Die Hard''


Joan Collins will forever be known as Alexis Carrington, that delicious diva who joined Dynasty in season 2 (out now on DVD) to dress up and throw down — most famously with costar Linda Evans. And when the two took the stage comedy Legends! on tour last year, the antics picked up where they left off, only behind-the-scenes, claimed Collins in a British tabloid last month. (Evans had no comment.) Still, if stranded on a desert island, Collins says she would not choose to eat ”Lips Evans.” Then again, as she says, ”I am a vegetarian.”

Name: Joan Collins

1. The last movie I saw in the theater:
Live Free or Die Hard. I’m a big Bruce Willis fan, and I’ve seen all the movies, like, five times each.

2. You’re forced to raid one of these people’s closets. Whose do you chose?
(A) Dolly Parton
(B) Elizabeth Taylor
(C) Elton John
(D) Paris Hilton
No! No! No! I’d rather go naked than be in any of those clothes. Just give me a gunnysack and I’ll put a big belt around it.

3. If I were a Desperate Housewives guest star…
I think it’s time Edie has a mother or aunt or meddling friend who lives down the street — if she’s still alive, that is.

4. Pick a Beckham:
(A) Victoria
(B) David
For what? I love Victoria. I saw her program, Coming to America. She’s very witty, self-deprecating. I get her.

5. Which actress should play you in your life story?
Maybe Anne Hathaway. She could play 17. You’d have to go from 17 up to 103!

6. The secret to a great soap opera entrance is:
Shoulders back, chest out, sunglasses on. And whip them off with great gusto. That’s what seemed to work.

7. Choose one:
(A) James Dean
(B) Elvis Presley
Elvis. We were just at Graceland…. Ashtrays everywhere and shag rugs…. Fantastic.

(A) Helen Mirren
(B) Judi Dench
I belong to the Academy. I’m not gonna tell you who I voted for! They are both great.

8. The last time I looked at my naughty pictures:
Strangely enough, I went to my safe deposit box yesterday, and I found all the outtakes that the great photographer George Hurrell took for Playboy. But I don’t really look at the spread.

9. The role I should have had:
That woman from the Ministry, Dolores Umbridge, in Harry Potter. Imelda Staunton was terrific, but I would’ve been good.

10. My porn name is:
Spider (Childhood Pet) + Harley (Hometown Street) = Spider Harley