The legendary piano man throws his support behind Just Jack

By Simon Vozick-Levinson
August 24, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

He’s been in the biz for 30-some years, but Elton John still gets giddy when he hears a good tune, and has long done his part to support up-and-coming artists. Among then-lesser-known discs he’s passed around to friends over the years: Moby’s Play, the Killers’ Hot Fuss, and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. So what’s the piano-pop pioneer’s latest obsession? North London electro-rap wunderkind Jack Allsopp, a.k.a. Just Jack. After hearing Allsopp’s 2003 debut, The Outer Marker, John helped get the newbie signed to his management company. (John has since sold the company, but remains on its roster.) On the eve of the U.S. release of Jack’s sophomore CD, Overtones, Sir Elton explains why he continues to sing Allsopp’s praises:

”The thing with Jack, he’s melody-oriented. His is a very English-sounding record, with so much beautiful instrumentation. Still, there’s touches of Prince in it, there’s touches of Beatles in it, there’s touches of jazz in it. It’s fantastically mature for someone who’s only on his second album. He’s a cheeky and amiable guy like Robbie Williams. He’s also got a great presence, full of life and positivity. His live shows are like a party.”