By Mandi Bierly
August 23, 2007 at 07:58 PM EDT

What is the worst thing you’ve ever picked up/purchased accidentally — or been given as a gift mistakenly? Here’s why I’m asking. Yesterday, I’m walking by the giveaway table at EW HQ and I think I see a Yanni CD. (I liked “Santorini” and “Reflections of Passion.” Sue me.) By the time I realized it was actually an album by an independent artist named Yann (right), it was too late. It was in my hands. The only consolation, or so I thought, was that the track list included a song called “Hunky.” If only I was into really horrendous club music. Or people who sing like “Weird Al” Yankovic but don’t have the decency to try to be funny.

Your turn. I wanna hear about that time that you rented My Left Foot in high school because you’d just seen The Last of the Mohicans and wanted to ogle Daniel Day-Lewis some more. (Whoops! Should’ve read that box.) And while you’re in confession mode: Who else likes liked Yanni (rockin’ the ‘stache, left)?   

addCredit(“Yanni: John Spellman/Retna”)